Monday, June 18, 2018

Chocolate Mold Of Your Anus

Chocolate Mold Of Your Anus

You Can Actually Give Your Valentine A Chocolate Mold Of Your Butthole. ByConnor Toole. Feb 10 2015. Anyone still looking for a gift to give this Valentine's   chocolate mould of your anus

And now, it looks like it's time to add another name to that list: Magnus Irvin, owner and operator of Edible Anusa company that makes chocolate molds of 

If you're looking for something to say, “I love you, happy holidays!!” why not get a chocolate mold of your anus and gift it to your boo? Or, grab a mold of your 

It's time to get kinky and eat out some booty with these chocolate edible anuses. The edible chocolateanus shows that even the most disgusting act known to mankind can become a delicious secret   Millennium Falcon Chocolate Mold.

Want to do something extra special for your girlfriend or boyfriend this Valentine's day? Look how tasty this molded butthole looks. Just want to 

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The man behind the Edible Anus, Magnus Irvin, first started by casting his   Check out the full video on how to turn your butthole into candy.

If you're after some really naughty chocolate then lift the lid on this box of Edible Anus. Box contains 6 anus shaped chocolates which are made from solid milk 

Give them a present from the heart of your bottom; The perfect tongue-in-cheek gift; Belgianchocolate, British anus. Tasteless, yet absolutely delicious